Lifestyle Manager




The lifestyle of people is changing and cost of living is increasing. As the cost of living is increasing, both husband and wife have to work in every household. 30-40 years ago, it was the husband who will work and the wife manages the house. But the time changed and both are working. And they have trouble in managing house.

Because they have to work, doesn’t mean they don’t build a home. The main purpose to earn is to conduct a happy living. And if they work all time and not focus on household work, it has no point. And how would they work and do the household work at the same time?

We have a solution. We as a business take care of managing a household. From organizing events at your house to taking care of your day to day errands. There are various services you all buy: Insurance, Banking, Education and many more. This is a service that is required by every household.

Time is the most expensive thing to buy. It’s practically priceless. When time is limited, how can working couple find time to build a home? We do those instead of them and save your precious time for other things.

After a long tiring day, you don’t find the energy to do other activities and whatever you do later is not done to your best ability because of your drop in stamina. Instead you can give the task to us and take a rest to start the new day freshly. Meanwhile the task necessary will be done by us with best ability and professionalism which will surprise you.

We have seen plenty of situations where people have seen CEOs having personal secretaries to do everything for them. We all wish for it and doubt if we can afford it and we worry if it is trustworthy of having them. We have a final solution for it. What if you can have a virtual Secretary at an affordable price? We provide safe and best service for affordable prices.

“Take a break and call us”


Services we provide

  1. Day to day errands

From getting the groceries to paying your bills you have many day to day errands that you’re unable to do in your busy schedule. And when you don’t run your day to day errands properly, it will be messed up for your day today lives.


  1. Emergency requests

Emergencies are always there and managing it matters. Emergency requirements of getting things done can be done for you on your request. Emergency request of booking an appointment for a doctor to booking a taxi we can manage it for you.


  1. Relocating Service

Maybe you need to relocate your residence or your workplace. It involves a lot of work starting from advertising as looking for a place, looking for a place to move, doing a background check on a place, bargaining a common price, packing and finally moving. We can do all those and make your life easier.


  1. Home Management and Light Housekeeping

One of the biggest burdens on working couple is home management and housekeeping. And this certainly shouldn’t be a burden in the path of your dreams. Light housekeeping is additionally done with the home management.


  1. Event Planning

This is one of the primary tasks of our organization. The increasing trend of events is to have a simple and elegant party with creative decorations and set up. And we facilitate that requirement by arranging any type of event at your residence or in any other locations.


  1. Grocery Shopping

We are a phone call away. Call us and we would buy all the groceries you need and deliver it. So, that you don’t need not waste time shopping for groceries.


  1. Restaurant recommendations and reservations

After a busy day you might want to take your spouse or your family out for dinner. After all that is when the family comes together. You might need recommendations for the best and closest restaurants. We would offer that service. And you might want us to book a table for dinner. And that service can be provided for you.


  1. Sourcing Tutors

Education has become competitive and one of the most important need for our kids. And working parents regret they cannot assist their children with their education. Tutor is the only choice. There are many group class tutors and there are some private tutors who are good and not out in the market much.  We fish for the best tutor for your child and arrange classes for them.


  1. Gift buying

This is one of the biggest tasks in our current lifestyle. Shopping for gifts take a long time since the choice for gifts have increased. Wasting that much time within your busy schedule can be hard. We select the perfect gift for you so you can spend some good time in your event walking in with the perfect gift.


  1. Concert and movie reservation

Going for concert or a movie on that day can be disappointing if the seats are full. We have facilities to pre book the tickets for concerts and movies so you won’t have to stand in queues or get disappointed with no tickets.


  1. Delivery Service

Whatever you want to deliver and wherever it needs to be delivered it will be done for you. The things you want to be delivered will be safely delivered on time.


  1. Travel guide

You might have friends and family coming to Sri Lanka from other countries. Their motive will be to go around and have a great vacation. And your motive is to provide great hospitality. And instead of taking a leave from your busy life, we can take them around and provide the best hospitality on your behalf.


  1. Travel bookings for train, bus locally

Traveling is unavoidable. You might have to go on business trips, family functions or other reasons. And you might be unable to go in your private vehicle due to a lot of reasons. We would arrange transportation by booking trains or buses on your preference.


  1. Locating hard-to-find items and collectibles

You might have some hard to find collectibles to buy. We would find it for you. Everyone has their preference of collectibles and the trouble is knowing them where to find and we would find it for you so you can have what you dream of.